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Southern Oregon Lavender Festival – Summer 2021

With the easing of Covid restrictions comes the ability to gather again—and there is no better place than in the purple fields of the Applegate Valley! The farms and ranches are happily full steam ahead with plans for Lavender Festival Weekends, June 25-27 & July 16-18. They may require a booking before you come so that they can keep things “sensible,” but they can’t wait to celebrate the lavender harvest this year with you. Bring the family for a fun day out… with music, vendors, food and lavender!

You may have noticed a growing number of lavender farms who call Southern Oregon home. There are currently six lavender farms on the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail and five of them will be open this summer in June and July! If you decide to visit, be sure to check the opening times and dates for each farm which may be different. These are all small, family-run businesses who love to share what they do with visitors and your experience on each of the farms is likely to be quite different. Some of the farms have implemented a booking system—bookings are free but this method allows farms to ensure they never have more visitors than they can provide adequate space for. Bookings can be made at each farm’s website if they are being used.

The four existing members of the local lavender trail are Dos Mariposas, The English Lavender Farm, Lavender Fields Forever and Goodwin Creek Gardens. New to the trail this year are Lavender Ally and Murphy Creek Lavender Farm (Murphy Creek will be open to the public next year but is currently online). In addition, new farms are already being established in the Applegate Valley and will be added to the trail in the coming years as their plants mature.

As well as relaxing for a few hours, feel free to talk to the local farmers who will give you useful growing tips. Some farms are offering lavender treats, u-pick, lavender essential oil demonstrations and wreath making. We all take our surroundings for granted sometimes and we forget that we live in one of the most beautiful and scenic states. Take advantage of the relaxing nature of lavender and get outside and enjoy summer. There is no better time or place to take a breath and appreciate the splendor of this wonderful herb grown right on our doorstep.

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