Welcome to the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail
Visit Our Farms During the Lavender Blooming Season June & July (plus additional dates at some venues)
The English Lavender Farm 8040 Thompson Creek Road Applegate, OR  97530      (541) 846-0375 www.englishlavenderfarm.com Open June 1 - July 30, Fri-Mon, 10:00 - 4:00 Open on festival days 9am - 6pm Incredible    mountain    views    form    the    backdrop    for    our lavender.        Walk    among    more    than 6,000   lavender   plants   and   enjoy   our gift   shop   in   the   drying   barn   where we   distill   lavender   essential   oil   daily.     Our   products   are   handmade,   in   small batches   on   the   farm,   using   our   own lavender        and        locally        sourced materials.      We   will   have   wreath   making   classes,   painting classes,    refreshments    and    new    products    for    this    season.          Come   and   share   the   splendor   of   an   Applegate   summer’s   day     June & July,  Friday - Monday On   festival   days   we   have   a   full   live   music   lineup   and   a   wide variety   of   local   artisan   vendors.      Food   will   be   provided   by Mamma   Mia’s   wood   fire   pizza   oven   and   the   Truffle   Pig   Craft Kitchen.      English   Lavender   Farm   Ice   Cream   and   Lavender lemonade are always available.
OSU Lavender Garden 569 Hanley Road Central Point, OR 97502 Open daily year-round for self-guided tours The    Oregon    State    University    Lavender    Garden    is    the Pacific      Northwest’s      first      Lavender      Collection      and Demonstration   Garden,   with   over   8 0   varieties   of   lavender.     Sponsored      by      OSU’s      Southern      Oregon      Research      & Extension   Center   (SOREC),   the   Herb   Society   of   America, and   the   local   Master   Gardener   Association,   it   is   the   only herb   garden   in   the   Pacific   NW   registered   with   the   Herb Society   of   America.   Visit   this   special   venue   &   find   your favorites!
Lavender Fields Forever 375 Hamilton Road Jacksonville, OR 97530      (541) 702-2250 www.lavenderfieldsforever-oregon.com Open June 15 - mid-August, Fri-Sun, 9:00 - 4:00 Open on festival days 9am - 5pm Come   experience   lavender!      Stroll   our   fragrant   field   or   pull up    a    chair    and    relax    among    the    flowers.    Pick    your    own bouquet   from   7   exceptional   pink,    white,   and   purple   varieties -   all   naturally   grown.   Distill   your   own essential   oil.   Make   a   lavender   wreath, wand,   or   your   own   sachet.      Shop   our barn     store     that     is     filled     with     all- natural    lavender    products    for    your home,     your     body     and     your     family.       Bring     a     picnic     and     saturate     your senses with the beauty of lavender!
An amazing lavender experience awaits you in the Applegate Valley!  Nestled among the vineyards and tranquil fields are two unique family-run farms offering U-pick lavender flowers, exquisite lavender products & crafts, classes, essential oil distillation, and potted lavender plants.  The domonstration garden in Jacksonville is also part of our tour.  Stop by to see a large selection of Lavender varieties.  So take some time and visit all of the venues for a wonderful day with the sight, smell and taste of lavender!  Our farms are open from June to July when the lavender is in full bloom. Our venues have slightly different opening days and times, so please check our Facebook pages for hours & information about classes, special events and other happenings on the Trail. We look forward to seeing you! Select the WEB addresses below to visit the venue websites.  Our brochure and the SOLT map can be downloaded as a PDF using the links on the right.